Question about VIP tickets

I've been trying to get tickets to the Colbert Report recently I heard that there are VIP tickets and that they are on ebay sometimes. Does anyone know anymore information about VIP tickets? I think it would be a nice gift to give someone. Thanks!

Ticket for my birthday next year for TCR

I know this may be a long shot, but, I'm turning 50 next Feb. 19, and plan to take a trip to NYC for my birthday, as I've never been. I would love to get a ticket to TCR for that day - Feb. 19. I've tried all the different ways I've read to try to get one, and nothing yet. Can anyone help me?

Jon and Stephen - smoking (Summer Specta

PSA: You CAN'T buy tickets from someone else

This place is littered with people thinking they can buy tickets. Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you came here looking for tickets, turn around and walk the other way. Monitor the show's ticket pages for last-minute availability.

This community was set up YEARS ago, when the systems were much different. It's no longer relevant. There's a reason why there are NO comments on ANY of the posts. Take a hint.

June 10 or 11

I need two tickets for either the Daily Show or the Colbert Report for Monday, June 10 or Tuesday, June 11. I will be glad to request tickets for a future date to replace them - or purchase, if for sale.